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Jennifer McGeary

Jennifer McGeary

Orchestra Member

Year Joined
Most memorable performance with the ESO

Either the “Made In America” concert in February 2006 or “Opera’s Greatest Hits” in March 2006.

Favorite ESO soloist

Nicolas Kendall and Irina Muresanu

Why I like playing with the ESO

I enjoy learning new music and figuring out how my part fits into the whole. I also value the friendships I’ve made, particularly my stand partner Penelope Sachs. We’ve been through good and bad together, and I look forward to seeing her each Tuesday night.

Favorite composer or piece

Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7, the first symphony I played from start to finish and still my favorite.

When I’m not playing with the ESO, I’m…

Working in marketing, hanging out with my family, cheering on the Jayhawks and White Sox and catching up with the shows on my DVR.

Something most people don’t know about me

I have a wide-ranging collection of refrigerator magnets to remind me of all the places I've traveled, including Graceland, St.. Maarten, Mount Rushmore, Ireland's Giant's Causeway and more.

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