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Howard Levy open letter to the orchestra

Howard Levy open letter to the orchestra

Dear ESO members,

I know this is a belated note, but I want to thank you for your wonderful playing on Feb. 14. The performance we played together will stand out in my memory for years to come. I have never performed with a community orchestra before, and I was so impressed with the dedication and musicianship that all of you displayed. Not to mention the feeling I had playing my piece in the town where I learned to play the harmonica, have lived for more than 40 years, and where I composed my concerto. And Larry’s idea to do the Gershwin Suite was a total winner. I hope to play this arrangement more times in the future. 

The whole experience felt right — well, as soon as I realized that indeed there WAS a stand for my harmonicas sitting right there… I absolutely didn’t see it. THAT was an embarrassing way to begin… 

I hope to see all of you again around town, around the world, wherever.  

Best Wishes,
Howard Levy