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Summer Concert Through a Musician's Lens

Summer Concert Through a Musician's Lens

We posed some questions about the summer concert to several of our musicians and are pleased to share their answers with you.

What are you most looking forward to about the summer concert?
Without exception, everyone is excited about playing again with colleagues and seeing everyone in person. Cellist Andrea Musolf said, “I never got used to not playing in an orchestra during the pandemic. I’ve been playing in orchestras since 3rd grade, so this was the first time I was ‘orchestra-less.’”

Violinist Paula Fisher remarked, “I look forward to seeing a crowd of people enjoying our music, especially at a park. I imagine that we might have whole families attend – I like seeing that.” 

Do you anticipate challenges and, if so, in what regard
Violinist Joe Chervin stated, “Before the pandemic, I feel that the ESO was really performing at an extremely high level. This was the result of years of expert direction by Maestro Eckerling leading the orchestra into really listening to each other, the key to any orchestra being a success. It may take a little time to achieve that again, but I have no doubt we’ll be able to do it by concert time.”

What is the most exciting element of the summer concert for you? 
Joe Chervin continued, “Rehearsing and performing the Superman March. It will be a new piece for me, and it is challenging. It’s a very appropriate selection given what we all just lived through, as it is a fitting tribute to the frontline workers and everyone else who helped us get through the pandemic.”

Do you enjoy playing outdoor concerts? Why or why not?
Most answered with a “qualified yes” as follows:

  • It’s a fun change of pace from the traditional indoor concert venue, but the weather is an important factor. If it’s windy, clothespins to hold the music on the stand are key!
  • Outdoor concerts are great in the Chicago summer, especially if conditions are right (low heat & humidity, little to no wind, insect-free), though we have to expect the unexpected for these concerts.
  • It is something the ESO doesn’t do very often, so it’s an exciting way to return after such a long, unexpected hiatus.
  • In terms of playing outside, I hope that the weather is not too humid (bad for instruments) and also hoping that musicians will not be uncomfortably hot.
  • Of course, we keep our fingers (and toes) crossed that there will not be a sudden thunderstorm!

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