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Robert Spitz

Robert Spitz

Orchestra Member

Year Joined
Most memorable performance with the ESO

Probably my first. I was impressed with the size and quality of a local community orchestra.

Favorite ESO soloist

They all have been outstanding.

Why I like playing with the ESO

It gives me the opportunity to play a variety of symphonic music close to home. Plus, I think it is important for Evanston to have a community orchestra.

Favorite composer or piece

Dvořák, Beethoven, Schubert… and the list goes on. Each for their own flavor and reason.

When I’m not playing with the ESO, I’m…

Playing chamber music, playing in the Orchestra of St. Vincent, playing in the Oak Park Symphony or playing golf.

Something most people don’t know about me

I played piano and string bass in local dance bands while in school, as well as the violin until, I bought a VW and my bass wouldn’t fit. My cousin who was the principal viola with the Royal Philharmonic suggested I switch to viola as not only would it would fit in my VW but I would be in more demand. He was right.

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