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Meet a Longtime Subscriber: Gayle Larson Anderson

Meet a Longtime Subscriber: Gayle Larson Anderson

Gayle Larson Anderson and her late husband, Neil, first attended an ESO concert when they moved to Evanston decades ago. And when Lawrence Eckerling became our maestro, they were ready to commit to a subscription—enjoying the high-quality music, community of friends, convenient location, and support of the arts in their community.

When we asked Gayle why she attends concerts, she said, “The performances are always so uplifting.” She added that she enjoys visiting with a community of friends during intermission, and appreciates the outreach the orchestra provides to students via free tickets for children 12 and under, $5 tickets for any student, KidNotes concert programs, and commitment to Young People’s Concerts with Evanston middle school orchestras.

Gayle’s interest in music started early. Growing up in Sioux Falls, SD, she and her sister were free to roam outdoors, raft down the river, and whistle without consequence. This love of whistling became a skill—Gayle became a flutist. She played in the Sioux Falls Symphony and taught flute as a teenager. So, it’s no surprise her favorite ESO concert was the November 2019 solo performance by Mindy Kaufman, of the New York Philharmonic, who played Nielsen’s Flute Concerto and Vivaldi’s Piccolo Concerto in C Major. A close second was the May 2019 performance of Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms. Gayle loved how the chorus, orchestra, and young soloist came together to create a spectacular show.

Gayle says her enjoyment of the concerts is increased by her attendance at the Friday “Musical Insights” lectures held at the Merion. “It helps me to better understand the music,” she said. “I’m always impressed with participation by concert soloists, and with Maestro Eckerling’s piano playing and vast knowledge of the repertoire. It’s very well done.”

In addition to her years of employment, Gayle has served as a health educator with the Peace Corps in Togo, as a volunteer on the task force that helped to bring Arts education back into Evanston schools in the late 1970s, and as co-chair of Evanston Arts Council. She has been voted Volunteer of the Year for Evanston.

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